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How to Write a Complaint to Human Resources | Your Business complaint letter to hr

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A well-written letter can help persuade the reader to adopt an idea or position. As with other forms of communication, your style, tone, word choices and use of grammar and punctuation can say as much about you as the message itself. It is also important to know your audience. When writing a complaint to human resources, keep in mind the department represents the company and operates on its behalf. Although obligated by law to uphold fair labor practices, the department's mission is to protect the company’s interests while optimizing its investment in its employees.

Developing Your Message Select the appropriate medium for your complaint. If the subject is sensitive and confidential, don't use email or telephone. Email can be forwarded or read by someone other than the intended recipient, and a telephone conversation doesn't create a written record. Instead, write a letter and put it in a sealed envelope marked “personal and confidential.”

Identify the right person to whom to address the letter. If the human resources department has more than one employee, this could be someone assigned to your department or someone who specializes in a specific area, such as harassment, training or ethical practices.

Create an outline for your letter to help organize your thoughts. Have all the facts and details ready to make it easier to present your complaint in logical order.

Delivering the Message Introduce the topic and explain the purpose of the letter. Describe the nature of your complaint clearly and succinctly without unnecessary verbiage. List facts that help support or illustrate your complaint and include dates, locations and names that will help HR follow up on your complaint. Offer to meet with an HR representative to discuss the situation in greater detail and include a phone number, email address and other relevant contact information.

Put the letter aside for a day or two before sending it to give yourself time to calm down. Reread the letter and edit any charged words or emotion-laden comments so your letter is professional and states only the facts without whining, accusing or making unsubstantiated claims.

Use spell check and grammar check to remove any typos or errors. Proofread the letter once more to catch any errors that weren’t found by the spell and grammar checkers.

Keep a copy of your letter for future reference. Follow up on your letter in a week if you haven’t heard back from the HR department to make sure it was received.

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Donna Eigen has written, produced and managed communication programs for global, government, university and nonprofit organizations since 1980. Eigen has taught graduate business communication and is a certified facilitator in work force diversity, leadership, team building and effective presentations. She has a Master of Arts in communication and a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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complaint letter to hr

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There are different techniques for managing undesirable circumstances. This might be done through specifically conversing with the individual/s concerned or reaching them by means of telephone or e-mail. On occasion when these endeavors fizzle and most exceedingly bad come to most noticeably awful, complaint letters can be filed against the individual/people that brought about the issue. It is a formal method for managing circumstances that might come off as hard to deal with.

Complaint letters have to be written with an extraordinary thought for the selection of words to suggest the right message and keep away from misconceptions. These  Sample Letters  help you draft a letter of complaint that would pass on a respectful and nonaggressive way of managing issues.

Employee Formal Complaint Letter Sample Details File Format Doc

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Formal Complaint Letter Sample Details File Format PDF

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Formal Complaint Letter to HR Details File Format Doc

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Sample Formal Complaint Letter to School Details File Format PDF

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Basic Format of a Complaint Letter

Like any business letter, a complaint letter will have block format (see  Professional Business Letter Formats ). A format letter has the following format:

date when the letter was written, sender’s details such as address and contact information, recipient’s address and contact information, proper salutation, the body of the letter, complimentary close, and signature. How to Excellently Write an Effective Complaint Letter?

An excellently written complaint letter is great when it comes to dealing with the issue. Despite the fact that they are often the final fallback when it comes to settling issues, they are almost always effective in helping to resolve the issue. Regardless of how writing one might seem like a chore, it will dependably be worth writing. For your complaint letters to be successful and rapidly resolve the issues at hand, they ought to be

brief and straight to the point to ensure that it is easy to understand; professional in tone and the language used must be simple; factual (you can attach supporting documents/evidence if there are any available); urge the individual to think of resolving the issue; and pass on a feeling of friendliness all together for the recipient to take this complaint with a sense of empathy. Formal Complaint Business Letter Details File Format Doc

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Formal Complaint Letter to Airline Details File Format PDF

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Example Formal Complaint Letter Details File Format PDF

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Student Formal Complaint Letter Example Details File Format PDF

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Various Ways to Send Complaint Letters Certified mail. This can be powerful when you are filing a complaint against a retail location or service-related business. You can incorporate a return receipt to ensure if they got the mail. Personally handing the letter. This can be done when you are complaining against a neighbor. E-mail. These may fill in as a reinforcement for objection letters sent through the mail or handed personally. Why Use a Complaint Letter?

A complaint letter is issued whenever a circumstance calls for one and is a powerful method for informing an individual or an organization of issues that may have emerged. It will also suggest a few suggestions to help resolve the issue at hand. In drafting one, never forget to think about the feelings of the person who will be reading the letter. Guarantee that you don’t sound inconsiderate or discourteous. Regardless of how distraught you may feel about a given circumstance, be mindful about your selection of words. You should make sure to never take things roughly in order to avoid further misunderstandings.

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Complaint against manager You are here Letters » Career » Complaints » Complaint against manager Instructions

Simply replace the unfilled areas such as "[]" and "[date]" with your information.

Dear [name],

I have been a loyal employee of this company for the past [# years/months] and I feel that I'm not being treated [properly/correctly] by my current manager. I would like to place a formal complaint against my manager, [first & last name of manager].

It has become increasingly difficult for me to remain [happy/productive] in my present position because of the negativity  from my manager. No matter how well I perform in my job, I feel [he/she] never recognizes me. I feel that [he/she] is preventing me from growing and progressing with my career and that has been extremely discouraging to me.

I find that [name] is not being reasonable at all. It has become so bad that [he/she] is now even timing my [washroom/lunch/smoke] breaks. I have never found a rule in the company policies book that empowers a manager to decide the length of a washroom break for one of their subordinates. This is simply not fair.

I am asking you to help me resolve this situation and to consider placing me on a different team. I thank you in advance for looking into this matter on my behalf.


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