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Complaints Synonyms, Complaints Antonyms | complaint definition

complaint star see definition of complaint show all noun no moncler-jackets-nordstrom-rid-295676.html. outlet moncler milano indirizzoun statement of disagreement, discontent noun illness, affliction prev next accusation
complaint definition

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  complaint   noun noun NAmE / / kəmˈpleɪnt / /     jump to other results 1 [ countable ] a reason for not being satisfied; a statement that someone makes saying that they are not satisfied complaint (about somebody/something) The most common complaint is about poor service. We received a number of complaints from customers about the lack of parking facilities. I'd like to make a complaint about the noise. complaint (against somebody/something) I believe you have a complaint against one of our nurses. complaint (that…) a complaint that he had been unfairly treated a formal complaint ( formal ) to file/lodge (= make) a complaint 2 [ uncountable ] the act of complaining I can see no grounds for complaint . a letter of complaint 3 [ countable ] an illness, especially one that is not serious, and often one that affects a particular part of the body a skin complaint 4 [ countable ] ( law ) a formal charge brought against someone See complaint in the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary Check pronunciation: complaint Other Links iWriter iSpeaker My Wordlists Resources Wordlists Oxford 3000 Pronunciation Topics Nearby words complainant noun complain of phrasal verb complaint noun complaisant adjective complected adjective Explore our topics Animals Body and appearance Business Clothes and fashion Crime and law Culture Education Family and life stages Food and drink Health Houses and buildings Language Leisure Nature Personality and emotions Religion and politics Retail Science Social issues Technology The media Travel and tourism War and conflict Work

complaint Definition + Create New Flashcard Related Terms Sworn statement filed by a party (the complainant, petitioner, or plaintiff) to a court to commence litigation against another party (the accused , defendant , or respondent) in a civil lawsuit . Complaint sets forth the alleged grounds (allegations) for the case and request for award of relief (damages) or recovery of some asset such as money or property . In criminal cases the complaint is filed by the public prosecutor , a government official. Also called petition. protest customer-center... Central Registr... customer feedba... grievance customer orient... hierarchical ap... trademark infri... nonsuit management by w... Use 'complaint' in a Sentence After the company failed to fulfill their obligations, the patron filed a complaint with the local civil court to try to salvage the money which he had spent. 16 people found this helpful I submitted a complaint to the owner of the restaurant because all the people that worked for him were lazy and incompetent at their job. 15 people found this helpful As the television network's programs grew more risqu�, executives knew hardly a day would go by without at least one complaint from a viewer or conservative coalition member . 14 people found this helpful Show More Examples You Also Might Like... Lyndsey McLaughlin How to Deal with a Bully of a Boss We spend most of our time in the workplace and although we would like to get on with everyone, this is not always possible. Your first interaction with your boss will most likely to be during the interview process and although they may seem like the ... Read more Leo Sun Tips for Protecting Your Intellectual Property Every great business starts with a "perfect" idea. In the fast moving, dog-eat-dog world of corporate business, however, ideas are stolen, duplicated and imitated as soon as they are conceived. If you have that million dollar idea, how can you go ... Read more Leo Sun Five Common Legal Issues Faced by Businesses As an owner of a small business, the danger of crippling litigation should also be at the top of your priorities. Legal headaches, especially in America can take you by surprise and severely hurt your business' bottom line. Here are some of the most ... Read more Jeffrey Glen Shall vs. Will Jeffrey Glen Mission Statement vs. Vision Statement