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moncler jacket mens black HOME ABOUT US FAQS SIZE GUIDE LINKS CART CHECKOUT ARTICLES CONTACT US SIZE GUIDE MENS WOMENS REPLICA MOTORCYCLE COTTONS OUTLET REPLICA JACKETS Please click here to see our full range of replica leather jackets now made in Italy.

 The wardrobe of particular movies or a television series often stands out as much as the story or the actors. Especially the leather jackets.

You have just been to the cinema to watch one of the latest movies. Whether you liked the film or not isn't what is on your mind right now. What you are thinking about is how cool that leather jacket is that the actor was wearing. After spending hours researching it online, you find it was a custom made jacket for the movie and is not available anywhere or they used a top designer and it costs a small fortune, that's even if you can find one in the right size and color.

At Soul Revolver Factory, we are huge fans of movies. That's why we decided early on to add a replica jacket section. But, we have no intention of bringing you inaccurate styles, we spend hours reseaching movie jackets to make sure it is as close to the original as possible so it looks like you pulled it straight from the screen.

You may not be able to own that kickass sword or plasma rifle but we can sure as hell bring the replica leather jackets to you so you can walk the streets looking like a movie star.

Here are some of the popular styles we sell. If, however, you do not see the replica jacket you are looking for, please contact us as we will probably be able to custom make this for you.

Remember, these replica jackets are all unofficial but made with the highest attention to details using A1 quality cowhide to last you many years of action movie type adventures.

Fight Club - As worn by Tyler Durden played by Brad Pitt in the movie Fight Club . A great cult movie, this hip length red vintage leather jacket is one of the things we remember most about this flim. Classic vintage style. The story goes the original jacket was found in a thrift store.

Ranger - A unique duster style coat, inspired by the one worn by Aragorn in the The Lord Of The Rings movies. A perfect piece of wardrobe for a Ranger of the North. Wear this and you to could become a leader of men. The original version is full length so we decided to make ours a little shorter, a little above the knee to give a more practical, everday look. We have included all the parts which make this duster unique - the leather stitching, the low collar and split cuffs and side seams.

Iron Man - Taken from the first Iron Man movie is this leather jacket as worn by Tony Stark during the hanger scene with his military friend Rhodey. Not seen a great deal during the movie but this one instantly caught our eye with its off center front zipper and biker style look. Buy one of these along with some red lense sunglasses (available from Soul Revolver Factory in the future) to transform yourself into a wise cracking playboy.

X-Men: Origins: Wolverine - So, here we have the movie of the story of how Logan finds his first leather jacket. What, that is what the movie is about right? Actually, we have watched this so many times, it may as well be just about the jacket as it is a very original, well styled jacket. As soon as we saw this one, we just had to have it. Like our Fight Club jacket, this one too has gone through many changes and tweaks to get the look just right as you see it today.

The Crusader - This is the motorcycle jacket Bruce Wayne wears in the Batman movie The Dark Knight as he races through the streets of Gotham on his motorcycle. An instant classic. We offer this as a regular fashion leather jacket in Black Coffee and also in our thicker black motorcyle leather.

Winchester - Dean Winchester's coat from the Supernatural series which used to belong to his father who is currently in hell and probably doesn't need it back any time soon. This is a looser style coat which you will find more roomy than our other styles. Currently available in Antique Brown and Black Coffee but soon we will be replacing these colours for a new Distressed Brown.

Damon - A new replica style taken from the television series The Vampire Diaries as worn by Damon Salvatore. With his dark vampiric looks, this jacket completes his style perfectly. We love the simple classic style of the patch pockets on this one so decided to study the series to bring this 100% accurate replica jacket to you.


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