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Thursday, November 27, 2008


I was pondering how celebrities keep the soles of Christian Louboutin shoes
red after seeing more than a few of those slingback wonders flashing their shiny red soles to the camera on recent talk shows. Not that I actually own a pair, but common sense tells me that there is no way to keep them perfect and unblemished unless you avoid walking outside with them. Only wear your Louboutin shoes when you will be inside walking on carpet or suffer the consequences of scuffed designer soles.

christian louboutin shoes peep toe pumps platform
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Some of you may wonder why everyone is making such a fuss over Christian Louboutin shoes. To those inquisitive soles without a clue, I would have to ask, “Have you seen these shoes?” In my opinion, which is shared by many celebrities, they are one of the most beautifully designed examples of lady’s footwear available in boutiques today.


This depends on whether you want a pair of espadrilles or a pair of peep toe boots covered in luscious suede leather fringe from your ankles to your knees. The former can be found at one of the upscale retail stores for five hundred dollars, give or take a few bucks. The latter is approximately eighteen hundred plus tax which is cheap to those who never thought they would find a combination peep toe pump and knee boot.

If you are a hip and savvy shopper and know your way around in the world of online auctions, you know that you can cut those prices in half or even less if you have no qualms about buying a used pair in good condition. So what if your Christian Louboutin shoes been worn once or twice when you can do the same and be so fashionable at a deep discount?


My favorite place to window shop for the latest styles in Christian Louboutin shoes is Neiman Marcus. They can also be found at Barneys, Bergdorf-Goodman and on Ebay.


Wherever you find expensive designer shoes, purses and clothes a line of fakes will follow. That’s the drawback of taking advantage of those tempting discount prices in an online auction; you never know if the item will be a knockoff, a replica or whatever nice name they are using to camouflage the shame of counterfeit merchandise.

It’s hard to tell what you are buying at times as (allegedly) there are sellers that post pictures of authentic Christian Louboutin shoes in the auction description, but mail out knockoffs (often in an authentic looking Christian box like that makes up for the deception) that always fall short of the real thing. You can reduce your risk by shopping with a trusted seller who has built a good reputation that is backed up by a high number of positive customer feedbacks. However, the best way to know that you are getting genuine Christian Louboutin shoes for your money is to shop at the Louboutin Boutique in Beverly Hills or Las Vegas.


This information changes as often as you change your outfits and purses, but at the time of this article, Louboutin slingbacks are highly sought after. But the truth is that his pumps (with spike heels and without) never go out of style. The same is true for flats and sandals with wedge heels.


Celebrities have unlimited budgets and don’t have to worry about the longevity of a particular style. The average fashionista diva such as myself has to calculate how much bang I will be getting for my bucks so I limit my purchases of Christian Louboutin shoes to classic styles like the DECOLLETE peep toe pumps I picked up for less than five hundred dollars from a reputable Ebay seller. Even at that low discount sale price, you can bet that I will wear them till the red soles are no more.

Return to Celebrity News, Purses, Makeup and Shoes to see more designer shoes that will make your mouth water!


jenifer said...
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Anonymous said...

I had a pair of Christian Louboutin knockoffs (fakes) that I enjoyed until they fell apart. The heels and the leather looked cheap and shabby after just one or two trips out. A friend of mine bought a pair of authentic sandals and hers still look brand new. I learned my lesson and will never think that imitation Christian Loutoutin shoes are a good deal even at a discount price. It would be better to buy used than fakes.

I am saving up for a pair of hot pink Christian Louboutin Rolande pump right now!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

where can i buy christian louboutin shoes for cheap Shattered glass and sexy lace|red bottom high heel shoes

where can i buy christian louboutin shoes for cheap Shattered glass and sexy lace, I believe that every woman is just as well resist the fashionable element. This year chun xia lace is a strong attack, Jason Wu, Dolce & Gabbana T stage almost became a sea of lace. How to wear the lace wear out of temperament, elegant, Hepburn this one will know! White bud silk coat will be sexy and deduced to get just right, but also with a fresh rocks, Sea NY lace crochet shirt is the right choice. Collocation Tibi sapphire pencil skirt and printed Altuzarra pointed high-heeled shoes, intellectual temperament and modern degree immediately soared. Deserve to act the role of, might as well choose low-key gentle naked color, Marni beaded items, Astley Clarke circle earrings, and Bottega Veneta nude woven bags are good choice. The last paragraph of course can't forget her that celebrities wide along the cap rocks, Missoni not only echo the body colour blue and white stripe, rob mirror index is absolutely!
Pop is the thing, the spring go back to her more than 50 years ago this green suit, now became popular throughout the year 2013 colour, if your wardrobe is in the spring and summer without the wipe green, is out! This body is dressed up looking for some inspiration from Audrey Hepburn. Marni green print dress collocation fresh white sleeveless shirt, like modern girl 60 s, and a pair of the Toga bump color thick with green shoes and a Marc Jacobs handbags, will no doubt the retro fit unlimited extension. If you're a OL, you can in a corner of the outside with the Rag & ipads yellow suit, full of the flavor of spring; If a party, wearing a string of House of Lavande glittering crystal necklace can easily change, isn't it ever?

"Seven minutes of pants + ballet flats" by law but Hepburn began one of the classic form of oh! Printed pants still hot in the spring and summer of this year, both show temperament stripes, or personalized digital printing, is a very worthwhile investment fashion sheet is tasted. And Hepburn this very similar Isabel Marant stripe skinny jeans fashionable degrees, strewn at random in the stripe is to outline the perfect legs. Match DAY Birger et over with some folk embroidery of T, and Stella McCartney red suit of cultivate one's morality, electrifying. Contracted style of accessories to match her elegant temperament, Maria embroidery Rudman platinum bracelet, Delfina Delettrez rainbow ring, Chloe snakeskin color chain bump is right choice. Finally, little of course not at the foot of a pair of sweet cute Chloe with ballet shoes!
Said to the little black dress, of course, stay out of Audrey Hepburn. The Givenchy in breakfast at tiffany's "little black dress" in the history of the most memorable LBD (little black dress ". Joker classic little black dress but all the year round out popular theme, any occasion and can be competent for the degeneration also let all the women in the dump. If you want a special point of the little black dress, the Jason Wu this year chun xia this chiffon dress is your best choice. Neck cross strap design sexy body folds increase chest full of feeling, and the tulle skirt is smooth add dream and elegant. Bud of Christian Louboutin red sole shoes collocation all show sex appeal and elegance. Accessories, whether the princess temperament of Zara pearl necklace, sparkle moving Roberto Marroni diamond ring or luxurious Charlotte Olympia perfume hand, see you on the day of the mood!
Want to felt a bit of a British in this spring, plaid is indispensable. Dries Van Noten plaid coat, thick British amorous feelings, you must like, collocation is plaid with Dris Van Noten plaid shallow mouth high-heeled shoes just right. Pants are not less big this year heat of emerald green, BurberryProrsum of emerald green leggings definitely bring you the spring more pure and fresh. Accessories, powder Jin Yiding can balance printed plaid brings the visual impact of large area,red bottom high heel shoes the preferred Lara Bohinc golden ring, Eddie Borgo gold earrings and Sophie Hulme pink purse.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

where to buy real christian louboutin online Christian Louboutin is expanding its global retail business-christian louboutin studded shoes

where to buy real christian louboutin online Christian Louboutin is expanding its global retail business, this month in London and Los Angeles will open a menswear store; In Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Chicago will open, respectively, an integrated store, the store has already rushed 17 in 2009 soared to about 65 this year! Brand retail business also contributed half of the income.
Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin Alexis Mouret chief operating officer, general manager, said: "the store doesn't give us the opportunity to better shows the series of products, also gives a chance to express brand. Every time we open a new store, not only to win customers, to provide more service to existing customers. Most of the time,christian louboutin studded shoes at the mall store business is lower, the market is in go up."

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

how much do a pair of christian louboutins cost Each big fashion week 2013 printing style-christian louboutins outlet

how much do a pair of christian louboutins cost Each big fashion week 2013 printing style is full of beautiful things in eyes. Paris fashion week on fracture type geometric pattern printing, perspective on the gauze fine printing and graphic illustrations, creative stripe printed, suppress printing, etc.; London fashion week, women's conference of color printing, realistic grid grain printing, photo printing, printing, single national wind orientation big flower printing, gradient process printing, etc., all show the printed fashion trend this year.
At Paris fashion week this season on the emerging world urbanity wind elegant Hawaiian prints with Orient beauty, is the key of the summer in Hawaii printing trend, with our spring/summer 2013 return to domestic macro trend is consistent. Forged by fracture type geometric patterns contain dazzle camouflage pattern of the aesthetic feeling of printing design trend is extremely self-confident feeling, consistent with the op art trend of era. Chromatic stripe is focus on printing design, throughout the spring/summer 2013 show each big fashion week, Paris fashion week designers launched contracted pinstripe printing. Vanessa Bruno of the combination of horizontal stripe and vertical stripe printed styles become highly commercial potential printing trend in summer. Spring/summer 2013 fashion week in Paris, graffiti style of printing also appear new and full of fun.

On the London fashion week 2013 spring and summer, color piece combined with impregnation process of dye printing to printing bring more fashionable sense of choice, become a new trend. Grid lines printed out that grabs an eye, become the focus of the geometric pattern printing trend, mixed size, color and Angle for printing to create interesting, the positioning of the systemic circulation of square patterns bring printed scarf trend more simple choice. Full of vivid photos type ground printing is also the focus of London fashion week. With our spring/summer 2013 returning macro trends consistent with national wind pattern is get all the attention on the London fashion week this season, is one of the bright printing design, printing design with BiZhenGan series, highlighting the traditional style - added wrong depending on the embroidery effect for fashion.
Star printing each has his strong point
Focus on the entertainment gossip women must know, stars also have a passion for printing, and because the style is different, different, and the stars have taste, wear out the printing on each excellences.
Recently, fan bingbing wearing Etro appearance the bride with white hair - the moon kingdom of press conference and beautiful wow fans. Flowers of Etro brand totem to original design concept, with falbala perfect combination, let fei ye once again become the focus of the conference, the whole body is surrounded by flowers, and a high degree of saturation, the color of beautiful falbala design, make a woman beautiful temperament play acme!
Hollow as temperatures warmed again return, reveal sexy small pretty waist, let many women can't wait to show perfect figure, south Korean actress Li Xiaoli, printed suit of black tone, hollow section of the design more show sexy charm, rivet design black handbag is hale and hearty.
In dior conference series of 2013 spring advanced customization, lv yan will be a hit totti printed dresses deduce acme grace,christian louboutins outlet store white element above the bottom of that along with the gender of flowers and swaying branches, fashion and classic coexistence, let person move BuKaiYan beautiful.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Three little habits before 15 years younger women-cheap christian louboutin heels

how much are a pair of christian louboutin pumps When life and work pressure, these annoying problems such as wrinkles, dark circles also followed. There are a lot of people will see that no matter how good their use eye cream, how expensive the facial mask, skin problems can't be cured, it's hard to stay young.
Women with here, to remind you, don't continue to stay up late and excessive tobacco and alcohol. In this way, no matter how good your body once, got great skin, youth will soon be exhausted. So, don't sleep more than 11 PM at night every day, drink enough water every day, eat enough fruits and vegetables can really keep youth.
Sleep is the golden age of beauty, and adhere to the three little habits before going to bed can help you to slow down the ageing, problems can not let the years bring skin.
A, just before bed, to move, strong and handsome figure show come out
Before going to bed, you can lie on the bed to do some simple movements, relax your body, and is also beneficial to health of body and mind!
First lie on the bed, lift up your leg, carries on the massage by go up to bottom. Leg last carried don't put down, or l-shaped lying against the wall, this action can help thin leg dewlap.

Then lie on your back, legs, the position of the suspended in mid-air, respectively, 90 degrees, 45 degrees, and the position of the 30 degrees, every Angle for around 30 seconds to 1 minute, or you can stick to the limit. This action can shape the thigh muscles.
You can also lie prone on the bed, legs in your chest, chest on the thigh root, hands stretched out beside the ear, above the elbow to the palm of your hand on the bed. This action can help eliminate waste.
Second, the five fingers to comb, keep the hair
As we know, the head focused person several important big holes, through combing the stimulus, in the process of massage can play a role.
Use a comb to comb her hair first, starting from the forehead, down by the comb, the strength is moderate.
Reoccupy finger, gently massage the scalp, respectively from the roots of ears and neck, and his forehead with his finger a root to the top of the head comb over, then concentrate rub the top of the head. So on more than 30 times, feel scalp mommy so far.
This action could help unclog the brain blood, brain get enough oxygen. So as to improve memory, protect the root of hair, strengthen hair follicles, elimination of brain fatigue, etc.
3, hot bubble foot, qi and blood
Foot is part of the grounds farthest from the human heart, is not easy to get the oxygen and blood, and now it is winter, it is more likely to be cold stimulation to blood vessels, make the vasoconstriction, blood.
But, foot is another focus area of the human body acupuncture points, if the blood supply is insufficient, affect the liver, kidneys, and other parts of the normal operation. So, before going to bed with warm blisters one bubble feet, to promote body blood circulation, accelerate metabolism.
In particular, can be in the bubble foot of water in Chinese herbal medicine, because of the large feet ribs that acupuncture points, can well absorb the pharmaceutical ingredients in the water. If you want to bubble foot to reduce waist and leg pain, can fit into a angelica sinensis, rhizoma ligustici wallichii; If it's to slow dizzy,cheap christian louboutin heels can in the chrysanthemum, selfheal; If it is to remove dry beriberi, then into the sagebrush, etc.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

where can i buy christian louboutin shoes in london Riccardo Tisci continuation of the original design concept-cheap red bottom pumps

where can i buy christian louboutin shoes in london Riccardo Tisci continuation of the original design concept, to relive the past seven years, leading the givenchy developing design ideas. Return love of boots, in his new work, the masculine and feminine clever fusion, and the sports clothes and fashion elements perfectly mixed up.
2008 autumn and winter haute couture range of boots joined the knights design elements, creating an illusion effect, looks like a set of tailored trousers on the high heels.
The structure of their wedge heel boots soft and comfortable, with tweed, thick cushion, leather or crocodile as a base for clipping, perfectly interprets the city elegant profile.
Pure lines and metal button "shark" decoration bring out the best in each other. Since the fall of 2012,cheap red bottom pumps the boots will be in all the world are available at givenchy stores and specialty stores.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

where to buy authentic christian louboutin online Rupert Sanderson 2012 autumn winter series for womens shoes

where to buy authentic christian louboutin online Rupert Sanderson 2012 autumn/winter series for women's shoes is a feast for the senses, the designer USES the past a variety of standard  sex image and reworking by its unique style. Palette combined with warm color, rich sense of the future of metal color and strong and thick and black, with extremely rich simple sense, snow suede leather and gorgeous suede makes all kinds of footwear design and brand concept to show perfect eyes.
"Taboo" in London - MARILYN hot lips put on flash very high-heeled sandals stepped into the nightclub wonderful country! Its rich ponder plump lips again luxuriant glaring, design inspiration comes from all the rage in London by legend Leigh Bowery founded the "Taboo" nightclub, plus a little Joel Grey in 1972 musical movie "Cabaret" within the shadow of the role, emitting buckish gorgeous and charming. Rubies and gold amphibole studded suede lip prints, red hot shiny, gold shuo, hot and bright. This season hot lips, Rupert Sanderson and should be with its unique style and chic!
18th century romanticism - FAVELL shoe female charm set with royal style, its inspiration is from France and navarre Mary. Antoinette queen Marie Antoinette () many of the costly dress. Concealment type shoe design before thick square toe cap and ballet shoes, with exquisite luxury satin finish. The front of the shoe body compose with falbala adornment with satin bow tied double, the details in addition to imitate the noise of the queen and gorgeous, but also for the dress on the back of the delicate multi-layer fabric design idea to salute.
Sanderson also praised the marquise of Paris - Mrs Pang ba degree (Madame Pompadour). She was the chief of Louis xv's most influential mistress, shoe design appropriately named after POMP. To laser cut out the patterns of suede covered whole pairs of heels, or the duke of pink satin and provide two options. This shoe also used a 130 mm heel with concealment type of thick and ballet shoes before square toe design and into. As a Mosaic of suede covered whole pairs of heels, cleverly petals on the heel to create rich details, and then gracefully into the full of butterflies in the eyes,christian louboutin red bottoms  perfect to brightness and real female charm into brand new style. Generally, beautiful, smart and delicate, can just echoes the shoe name.

Galactica - like to make classic science fiction movie "Tron", fly to the Milky Way! ROXANNA PRUNIA and MION shoe with the mirror surface of metal and plastic, combined with the flashing light black suede and leather, the style like armor strong hale, sharp unstoppable taken out gives a person the charm! Curve and feminine effect of mesh opening through the shoe body appearance, pointed shoes the first class design, meticulous perfect deduce. Symmetrical contour decorative sewing, dyeing, bold and more successfully brought Sanderson design concept to another new field.
Urban Cowboy - JUSSY, our ambassador to a Cowboy! The cowboy boots design derived from flowery tattoos and the pattern of the familiar, wear it with a pistol can play the role of live cowboy!!!!
He was inspired by the trenches Messengers - MANCO, was pulled from the trenches into the 21st century electric bike boots, its design feature praising the beauty of the natural Leather, with beige Leather Lewis, big Leather for shoes. VERMONT is a gorgeous traditional knight boots, regression design source, based on function, and match with the new 颕 line, make the modelling of natural and unrestrained in style.
The first round of The Gold Collection series have rushed out and shine for all The love high heels fans supplies in stock at The same time, new arrival style including OCARIN, SUNSILK and ROVER, and The large number of classic styles with innovation, color and material, to add color for your winter wardrobe.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

where can i buy christian louboutin in canada Christian Louboutin brand royal photographer Peter Lippmann-black heels red bottom

where can i buy christian louboutin in canada Christian Louboutin brand royal photographer Peter Lippmann, hand in hand again combine 2012 autumn/winter series and Paris landmarks, capturing the perfect picture.
In the designer's home to the most known scenery in Paris, at dusk sunset in the dark, the spotlight lit up the whole series. Lady Peep Spikes in special posture and the Notre Dame, Notre Dame DE Paris) the monster stone together at the top of the overlooking sunset over the street. A few clusters of water column with beautiful arc into the Place DE la Concorde, Place DE la Concorde fountain, Col Zippe & Diplonana alternated between arms goldfish naiad, around the symbol of the huge sculpture of the sea weave a beautiful scenery. And decorative chic Bridges in the city, such as the Pont Des Arts (art bridge), exquisite luxury shoes on the deck of a fantasy art, let the lovers walking the forest.
Huamei shoes bag into the historic part of France attractions,red bottoms for cheap more integrated, common witness the 20th anniversary of the establishment of brand.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

where can i buy black high heels with red on bottom of shoes In 80 anniversary celebration activities-red bottom high heel pumps

where can i buy black high heels with red on bottom of shoes In 80 anniversary celebration activities, LACOSTE created a unique series of represent the brand style of eternal, reshape condensed innovation fashion symbol, material and process. Original Rene Lacoste tennis shoes designed by himself in 1963, since then until today, has become the cornerstone of the brand image. The original classic ivory herringbone canvas structure, set the LACOSTE shoes development blueprint for the next 80 years. Draw lessons from the iconic design aesthetic characteristics, the anniversary of the series is a blend of Rene's first creative boutique of simplicity and design a celebration of 80 elements. Limited release, select high-quality materials and technology, this series provides the development history of LACOSTE eternal products real opportunities. Exquisite technology and fine design embodies the anniversary of the series of outstanding charm.
where can i buy red bottom heels

LACOSTE FOOTWEAR shoes are now fully into the 3 nity stores more sales.
3 nity is a composite wave store, the store sells is delicate texture of high shoes, each pair of selected shoes can meet the needs of the consumers. At present mainly French classic Lacoste brand Footwear, American street brand Creative Recreation, and attaches great importance to the traditional manual art Sebago brand as the core of the store; Will from time to time at the same time the introduction of all kinds of fashion shoes brand, cross-border cooperation, as well as the topic of sex limited edition shoes.

Monday, April 15, 2013

where can i get red bottom heels Two popular package type-chrisitan louboutin outlet

where can i get red bottom heels Two popular package type: Noe champagne bucket of bags and the Neverfull handbags series of leather is the main style. More interestingly, in the summer series, which was cleverly together into a wonderful new: Noefull. Gently pull the mouth of the band, Noe peculiar barrel form jumped out however; Loosen the band, Neverfull shape perfect reduction, sufficient to carry a beach outfit or a large shopping extravaganza. Noefull cowboy Monogram service canvas or tie-dye pattern canvas two flowers, as well as hot pink, light pink, endless blue three colors, leisurely and easygoing deduced easily in summer.

Equally impressive is the time limit Neverfull, is still familiar with large capacity of the bag body, and new idea lies in the design of the color leather edge. Once invariable nude natural cowhide edge now evolved into hot pink, light pink or blue immensity 3 kinds of color; 3 kinds of color is also used for handbags lining to dye the flowers as well as the package of the "Louis Vuitton Articles DE Voyage" retro decoration art.

Symbol of the carnival and vitality to dye the flower also moving Monogram service Vernis patent leather handbags, accessories and footwear: scarves as light as a cicada, soft beach towel, shallow mouth high-heeled shoes, flat sandals, woven straw rope bottom platform high heels. Bright printed form in order to balance the ms series of clothing with the outline of concise and plain color: smooth and flawless, pure silk crepe with pure cotton material for the pure white, pink, blue immensity rendered. Garment back out the outline of marc jacobs as early as in 2003 chun xia series of "female barber" style; Former us first lady Jackie Kennedy (Jackie Kennedy) used to explain this kind of style, almost perfect, it has beco
me one of the series of Muse.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

a group of party members at the RNC meeting submitted a resolution that re-affirmed the party platform-cheap christian louboutin red bottoms

Ling I love him..But I wish my brain had a map to tell me where my heart should go "I don't think their goals have been any lessened," RNC co-chair Sharon Day told Yahoo News in an interview at the party's quarterly meeting here Thursday. "I think what they bring to the table is still very important. Their success and our success—all entities that share our values,christian louboutin heels red bottoms that share our passions, that share the things that we stand on—if every single one of us is strong, we're all strong."
Last month the RNC released its wide-ranging "Growth and Opportunity" report, an autopsy of the party's role in the 2012 election that listed more than 200 recommendations for how to rebuild after Mitt Romney's loss to President Barack Obama. Noticeably scant in the document was a description of the long-term role of social conservatives, a vital Republican voting bloc. The report also called for Republicans to "demonstrate that we care" about gay Americans, which sparked fear among groups that oppose same-sex marriage that the party might drop its commitment to keeping civil marriage between one man and one woman. Tony Perkins, the president of the conservative Family Research Council, quickly accused Republicans of "throwing the party's social conservatives overboard" and has since urged social conservatives to stop donating to the Republican Party.
Before the beginning of this week's RNC's meeting, Perkins and a dozen other social conservatives sent a stern letter to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, warning him that they were considering calling on their supporters to end support for the GOP. "We respectfully warn GOP Leadership that an abandonment of its principles will necessarily result in the abandonment of our constituents to their support," the letter, first reported by NBC News, read. Their fears were likely buoyed by recent polls that show a growing number of Americans support extending marriage rights to same-sex couples and the surprising announcements this year from two GOP senators,cheap authentic christian louboutin Rob Portman of Ohio and Mark Kirk of Illinois, who recently became the first Republicans in the chamber to declare support for such unions.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ABBY Christian Louboutin was born in a worker's family in Paris in 1963

I love him..But I wish my brain had a map to tell me where my heart should go Mr Christian Louboutin was born in a worker's family in Paris in 1963 and all the special experience of glory began in childhood. Once he pass by the museum of Oceanic Art in Paris, saw a significant icon in front of the door, a conical heels are two bold lines cross out, telling women to "treat" pavilion inside of carve patterns or designs on woodwork wood floor. Looking at those beautiful high heels, 13, his obsession with, as if for the first time found the shoes can be so beautiful. In Paris at that time, in The period of economic recovery is high, The scene of a crowing, Christian Louboutin's able to withstand The temptation, often go to Paris at that time, The most famous nightclubs in The Palace to play, he is only 14 years old at that time. Here he realized what is fashion, let his enthusiasm for stage performances and dancers also grows day by day, even out of school, every day in the nightclub, and do some chores, while for design development, and the shoes is his breakthrough. "For the dancing girls, the shoes is the most important, should not only comfortable, but also very beautiful, sexy, can make people notice that at first sight. At that time my idea is very simple, is to let those girls have, put on my make than their feet more comfortable and beautiful shoes."

Monday, April 1, 2013

cheap black heels with red bottoms with the sea and the sky as the background

Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin spring/summer 2013 commercials draw lessons from the Belgian artist Rene Magritte surrealist style, by the photographer Peter Lippmann palm mirror,cheap black heels with red bottoms with the sea and the sky as the background, be amplified processing of Christian Louboutin, Christian Louboutin shoes, hand bag, charming. Look at those red sole shoes is hanging on the hook, but do not think that they are fresh from the sea to catch prey: oh, they are "bait", and the fishing rod in hand, the girl caught you really admire in the heart picture, is to let person understanding laugh.

christian louboutin shoes discount

 To play in the large new accessories, there are designer Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin to French cheeses are inspired by design silver metal wedge heel shoes, fluorescent color matching high heels use PVC material, act the role of the golden hand bag with rivets... Which will make your heart quietly "bait"?